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 Geoff Winfree, M.A.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Geoff Winfree has helped hundreds of individuals and families while in private practice since 1997 and have supervised other clinicians since 1999. 

Real and effective change occurs in Psychotherapy, or counseling, when the relationship between you and your therapist focuses on  your well-being and growth. 

He provides counseling to individuals, couples, and families using a brief systems approach. This means treatment centers upon your presenting concerns within the context of your environment. 

Mental health is best achieved in a family or marital framework using the power of relationships as a force for positive change. Geoff helps address a wide array of issues including depression, addiction and substance abuse, pornography, eating disorders, suicidal impulses, stress management, problems with self-esteem, issues associated with aging, job and career concerns, educational decisions, issues related to mental and emotional health, and family, parenting, and marital or other relationship problems.

By applying systemic principles, methods, and therapeutic techniques to your marriage and family for the purpose of resolving problems, he will help you modify your perceptions and behaviors, enhance communication and understanding, manage conflict, and achieve personal satisfaction, harmony within your family and a dramatically better quality of life.

Education and Credentials
  • 2007 APA Board Certified Professional Counselor
  • 2005  State Qualified MFT Supervisor
  • 1999  Certified Forensic Counselor 
  • 1998  AAMFT Clinical Member
  • 1996  M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pacific Lutheran University
  • 1992  B.S. in Social Work from Brigham Young University-Hawaii
  • 1989  A.A. in Home & Family Science from Ricks College
  • Continual education every year to ensure the highest standard of service
Present Work and Affiliations

  • Adjunct Faculty Member of Brigham Young University-Idaho in the Home and Family Department;
  • Contracted Mental Health Provider for the Brigham Young University-Idaho Counsling Center;
  • Clinician for Upper Valley Resoures and Counseling Services;
  • Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Theraists;
  • Member of the Association of Mormon Counselors and Psycholotherapists;
  • Professional Lecturer;
  • Licensed in Idaho and Oregon

Previous Career Experience

  • Successful Private Practice since 1997. 
  • Director of a county-wide mental health program which covered the departments of Child and Family Services, Developmental Disabilities, and Drug and Rehabilitation Departments, Direct treatment, consultation, education, research and community programs. 
  • Director of the development of treatment for youth with Conduct Disorder using a group cognitive restructuring approach.
  • Provider of geriatric mental health assessments to local nursing homes as a designated Geriatric Mental Health Specialist.
  • Facilitated free psycho-educational groups to the community in a multitude of settings throughout career.
  • Participated as a member of a community multidisciplinary team for the welfare of abused and/or neglected children.
  • LDS Family Services Contract Clinician and Adoptions.

 Brandon Buhler, M.S.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Marriage and Family therapists are unique in their training and experience in that they are able to assess and treat individuals, couples and families that are experiencing unhappiness and pain. They view individuals as being a part of a larger system (marriages, families, friendships, etc.) and are specially trained to draw on the strengths of these systems.  They realize that individuals, couples and families are not isolated from what occurs around them, allowing them to utilize more resources to assist those seeking treatment.

I have been working therapeutically with individuals, couples, and families since 2005. I have worked in various settings that include: residential, home-based and outpatient.  My experience includes work with children, adolescents, adults and couples.  This experience covers a broad range of issues, including parenting, marital, pre-marital and family conflicts.  My extensive training and education allow me to address issues such as attention-deficit, defiance, adoption issues, depression, anxiety, grief, anger management, marital and pre-marital satisfaction, sex addiction, couple sexual dysfunction, traumatic events and childhood physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

I am specialized in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and IRRT (Information Rescripting and Reprocessing Therapy), which allow me to assist individuals, couples and families who have experienced trauma events such as: physical, sexual or emotional abuse, life-threatening situations or significant losses.  EMDR is well-researched as an effective treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  IRRT is effective specifically for individuals experiencing flashbacks of traumatic events, sometimes effective in as little as a single session.  Some trauma is experienced in a single event and others can be repetitive over days, months or years. Whether in a single occurrence or repetitive over time, each type of trauma can be devastating for those who survived the events.  I have had great success in helping those who have suffered traumatic events, utilizing EMDR and IRRT along with his other therapeutic skills to assist trauma survivors overcome their emotional distress.

Education and Credentials:

  • 2010  AAMFT Clinical Member
  • 2010  IDAMFT Clinical Member
  • 2010  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in both Idaho and Utah
  • 2008  Virginia Tech University - M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • 2003  Weber State University - B.A in Psychology; Family Studies Minor
  • Continual education every year to ensure the highest standard of quality in mental health

Present Work and Affiliations:

  • Clinical Therapist at Vista Health Center, Idaho Falls, ID
  • Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Clinical Member of the Idaho Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Licensed in both Idaho and Utah
  • Serving on the Conference Committee for the Idaho Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

Previous Work:

  • Clinical Therapist at Family Treatment Center, Idaho Falls, ID
  • Family-Centered Specialist at Institute for Family Centered Services, Falls Church, VA
  • Home Based Counselor at Victoria Transcultural Clinical Center, Fairfax, VA
  • Residential Counselor at Alternative House, Vienna, VA.

                        Jeffrey Elder, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

My focus in assessment is to make sure the concerns and problems that a person is facing are understood and explained.  I bring expertise and knowledge of psychometrically sound assessments and protocols, but my client is the world's leading expert on themselves.  Together we explore the nature of the symptoms they face and come to a conclusion about what it may mean for them.  My goal is to provide relevant information that can assist my client and those they have trusted with their care make accurate and helpful decisions about treatment and prognosis.  If you are in need of clarification or understanding of the issued you face, I would be happy to help you in that process.

Education and Credentials:

  • 2010 Brigham Young University  -  Ph.D. Counseling Psychology (APA Accredited) 
  • 2004 University of Utah  -  B.S. Psychology
  • QPR Gatekeeper Instructor Certification

Previous Work, Training, and Outreach:

  • Psychologist and Program Coordinator Texas A&M University Counseling Center
  • Psychology Extern Brigham Young University Counseling Center
  • Psychology Extern LDS Employment Resources Services
  • Forensic Psychologist with Dr. Troy Martinez, Psy.D
  • Outreach on Depression and Perfectionism
  • Native American Research Assistantship and Group Psychotherapy Research Assistantship
Publications and Presentations:
  • Jackson, A.P., Peck, C.E., & Elder, J.L. Career counseling, Native Americans, In F.T.L. Leong (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Counseling.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
  • Elder, J., Gleave, R. & Burlingame, G. (2008).  The Group Selection Questionnaire:  Preliminary data on differential prediction in group versus individual treatment.  American Group Psychotherapy Association, Washington, DC.
  • Beecher, M., Jensen, P., Elder., J., Burlingame, G & Gleave, R. (2008, February).  Creating an evidence-based college counseling center group practice:  Benefits and resistance. American Group Psychotherapy Association, Washington, DC.
  • more publications on file.

                          DaLynn Moore
                    Marriage, Couple and Family Master's Level Intern

My name is DaLynn Moore.  I am a master's student in Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling at Idaho State University.  My goal as a counselor is to create a supportive environment in which my clients can explore their emotional needs and overcome barriers that limit them from reaching their full potential.  I focus on my client's strengths.  I help them see that while they can't change the hardships of the past, they can change the effects of those experiences in order to face the challenges of the present.  Together, my clients and I, work to change unproductive behaviors and find meaning from life's challenges in order to enhance their happiness.
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