What is Foot Zone Therapy?

Foot Zone Therapy is a method of treating the physical, mental and emotional features of the body by using a specific massage of the nerves located on the feet. Each nerve signals the brain to affect change at the corresponding area -- muscle, bone, joint, organ or system.

What's the cost?

$60.00 per 2-hour session. These appointments are not billable to insurance, and fee is due at the time of service.

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​​Nikki Andreasen

Foot Zone Therapy

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Certified Foot Zone Therapist

About Nikki:

Nikki has been interested by the body's ability to naturally heal itself for many years. Her interest has lead her to become a Certified Foot Zone Therapist in the Modality of Foundational Healing. This unique and in depth form of foot zoning uses pressure points in the feet and lower leg to access the energy and organ systems of the body. Through skilled manual technique, positive energy flows can be re-established helping to balance and reset the immune system, allowing the body to naturally heal itself from many physical and emotional conditions.

"Last year I had an awful case of pleurisy from a virus. After hospitalization and 2 weeks of continued suffering, I had a few foot zoning sessions with Nikki Andreasen. That's when my body's ability to heal began doing its job and I could breathe again. It marked a significant turn toward my full recovery. It made all the difference."​          

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