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Mending the Armor is a therapeutic group designed to help LDS adults overcome the addictive nature of pornography and other sexual behaviors.  It is facilitated by a licensed mental health professional, to maintain the focus of the topic, and to provide therapeutic benefits within the group.  This group is focused on serving LDS men who have an interest in living a moral life, but are struggling with these behaviors.  This group does not leave room to debate morality of pornography and other sexual behavior, but conforms with teachings of the LDS religion.  The objectives of this group are as follows:

1. Assist in eliminating the use of pornography, masturbation, and other unwanted sexual behaviors.
2. Provide information and insights into the devastating consequences of addiction and sexual behaviors.
3. Identify the issues in their life that have led to the formation of a sexual addiction.
4. Provide the opportunity to engage in a healthy dialogue about sexual issues with responsible adults, such as other group members, parents, church leader, and therapists.

At this time, our Mending the Armor group is specifically for adult (ages 18+) men. 

This group meets every Monday night 5:30-7:00.

The cost is $35 per session, and is billable to most insurance companies. Call our office at (208) 359-4840 to register.

Interested in joining this group? Click here to sign up for more information and to reserve your spot.

Mending the Armor Group

Facilitated by Brandon Buhler, LMFT

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